Stanley A. Plotkin Award

PIDS is requesting nominations from the membership for the 2023 Plotkin Lectureship awardee. To nominate a candidate, please send a letter of nomination along with the nominee’s CV to the PIDS Headquarters office via e-mail at or fax (703-299-0473) to the attention of the Program and Meetings Committee.

The nominee should be an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of “vaccinology” or areas of related science that have impacted the lives of children and the specific area of pediatric infectious diseases. The nomination letter should detail the qualifications of the candidate for the award. The awardee will be selected by a vote of the Nominations and Awards Committee based upon the nomination letters received from PIDS members. The top two candidates will be forwarded to the PIDS Board of Directors for final approval.

Thank you for your participation in the selection of this important and prestigious award honoring our Founding Father, Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2004 – Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
  • 2005 – Samuel L. Katz, MD
  • 2006 – Walter A. Orenstein, MD
  • 2007 – Kathryn M. Edwards, MD
  • 2008 – Paul A. Offit, MD
  • 2009 – James A. Cherry, MD
  • 2010 – Dan Granoff, MD
  • 2011 – David I. Bernstein, MD, MA
  • 2012 – John B. Robbins, MD
  • 2013 – Anne A. Gershon, MD
  • 2014 – Eugene D. Shapiro, MD
  • 2015 – Neal A. Halsey, MD
  • 2016 – Carol J. Baker, MD
  • 2016 – Larry K. Pickering, MD
  • 2017 – Peter F. Wright, MD
  • 2018 – Gary S. Marshall, MD
  • 2019 – Scott Halperin, MD
  • 2020 – Yvonne Maldonado, MD
  • 2021 – William C. Gruber, MD, FPIDS
  • 2022 – Maria Elena Bottazzi, PhD
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