Honor Your Mentor


Through philanthropy we reaffirm our commitment to the future of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. The Honor Your ID Mentor Program allows us to celebrate our profession by publicly expressing gratitude for the influential figures who have our lives and careers. In recognition of these individuals, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to recognize those who have paved the way to your success.

Indicate your mentor’s name, write a tribute, email it to pids@idsociety.org and make a donation in their honor.

Dr. Parvin Azimi

Dr Brian Lee honors his mentor, Dr. Parvin Azimi

John Christensen, MD

The Indiana University ID group honors Dr. John Christiansen

Kathryn Edwards, MD

Dr. Natasha Halasa honors her mentor, Dr. Kathryn Edwards

Mary Glode, MD

Dr. Roberta DeBiasi and Dr. Marsha Anderson honor their mentor, Dr. Mary Glode

Christopher Harrison, MD

Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Pediatric Infectious Disease division honors Dr. Christopher Harrison

Mary Anne Jackson, MD

Dr. Angela Meyers and Dr. Jen Goldman honor their mentor, Dr. Mary Anne Jackson

Gary Marshall, MD

Former Kosair Charities Fellows from the University of Louisville honor Dr. Gary Marshall

Larry Pickering, MD

Dr. Andi Shane honor’s her mentor, Dr. Larry Pickering

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