photoIn May of 2017, Dr. Sam Katz celebrated his 90th birthday.  Many PIDS members know Sam and know that he is a giant in our field.  Sam was involved in the development of the Measles vaccine and has been a tireless advocate for vaccines for many decades.  Many PIDS members also know that Sam is a humble giant that has never treated anyone with an air of condescension.  He is often the first person to notice an accomplishment or significant life change.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Sam and enjoy his warm personality, generous spirit and wealth of knowledge.  I have watched him closely and tried hard to absorb the lessons of how to conduct myself in a manner that is honorable, respectful and impactful.  I am truly privileged to call him my friend.  In honor of his landmark birthday, I asked Sam if I could make a donation in his honor to PIDS.  I also asked if he would mind if I encouraged others to do the same.  He said yes to both.

I would ask that you consider honoring one of your mentors or role models who has contributed to your personal or professional development over the years by taking a moment to support the PIDS Foundation with a gift in his/her honor.  

Thanks to all of you for considering this, and thanks to Sam for everything he has done for me and others and will continue to do.

Ravi Jhaveri