Gary Marshall, MD photo

"Dr. Gary Marshall (“GSM”, “The Boss”) is an inspiration to many of us.  His dedication to pediatric infectious diseases, vaccines, education, and the quest for knowledge is apparent in everything he does.  He challenges everything and everyone, which was invaluable to my training.  After graduating fellowship and entering practice, there is one voice in my head that is consistently yelling at me, that of GSM.  This is likely a common experience among other former fellows of GSM.  Once I’ve settled on the correct decision, I hear the reassuring mantra frequently repeated by all who have trained with him at the University of Louisville:  “Well-trained”.  -Elizabeth Ristagno, MD, MSc

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Gary S. Marshall for nearly a decade now. His love for teaching and his enthusiasm for all things Peds ID swayed me to pursue a career in this field. He challenges me (and others) to be the best, to think through things logically, and to remember to think outside the box. He is more than “the boss”: He is an educator, an advocate, and his faculty’s biggest supporter. When I am faced with a challenging case, I imagine how I will defend my diagnosis and support my treatment plan as if he is questioning me. His teaching was and still is invaluable and he is an inspiration to many. Because of him, I know that I am “well-trained” and truly have “the best job in the world.”  - Victoria A. Statler, MD, MSc

Former Kosair Charities Fellows from the University of Louisville honor Dr. Gary Marshall.