Distinguished Physician Award

The Distinguished Physician Award is presented annually to a pediatrician who has an extensive and distinguished career in pediatric infectious diseases marked by significant accomplishments and contributions in infectious diseases, including those as a clinician, educator and/or investigator. The pediatrician’s accomplishments and contributions are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence, and support the Society’s mission to advance the knowledge of pediatric infectious diseases and its application to the care of children.

Nominations are accepted from current PIDS members. Download the file below if you wish to nominate a colleague to receive this year’s Distinguished Physician Award. Return the nomination package including the nominee’s curriculum vitae to PIDS Headquarters.

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Physician Award

  • 2019: Sheldon L. Kaplan, MD
  • 2018: Penelope H. Dennehy, MD
  • 2017: Eugene D. Shapiro, MD
  • 2016: Sarah S. Long, MD
  • 2015: Janet A. Englund, MD
  • 2014: Stanford T. Shulman, MD
  • 2013: Mary Glode, MD and Kenneth McIntosh
  • 2012: Janet R. Gilsdorf, MD
  • 2011: Kathryn M. Edwards, MD
  • 2010: Richard J. Whitley, MD
  • 2009: Ann Arvin, MD
  • 2008: Anne Gershon, MD and James K. Todd, MD
  • 2007: Carol J. Baker, MD and Larry K. Pickering, MD
  • 2006: Ellen Wald, MD
  • 2005: Charles A. Alford, MD
  • 2004: William Paul Glezen, MD
  • 2003: James D. Cherry, MD
  • 2002: Georges Peter, MD
  • 2001: George H. McCracken, Jr., MD
  • 2000: James Bass, MD and Henry Shinefield, MD
  • 1999: Caroline B. Hall, MD
  • 1998: Milton Markowitz, MD
  • 1997: Walter T. Hughes, MD
  • 1996: Ralph D. Feigin, MD
  • 1995: Jerome O. Klein, MD
  • 1994: Edward A. Mortimer, MD
  • 1993: Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
  • 1992: Paul G. Quie, MD
  • 1991: Samuel L. Katz, MD
  • 1990: Martha D. Yow, MD
  • 1989: Margaret H.D. Smith, MD
  • 1988: Frederick C. Robbins, MD
  • 1987: Floyd W. Denny, MD and Saul Krugman, MD
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